We are excited to introduce a brand new LEAP Developer Console and Marketplace for all new and existing 3rd parties to use.

Our newest products are designed to enhance the LEAP integration experience for our 3rd party integrators in a simple, yet familiar manner.

LEAP Developer Console: 

A new Developer Console means that you will have access to all of your LEAP “Apps” in a single, centralised location. This includes access to a sandbox account which provides developers with a mechanism to help test integrations in a controlled environment, before submitting apps for review and possible approval or release.

LEAP Marketplace: 

The intuitive, new LEAP Marketplace will allow our valued clients to view, enable and disable LEAP “Apps” within their LEAP product. 

What this means for you and your existing integration:

Your existing integrations are not going away just yet, but to take full advantage of our new Developer Console and Marketplace, there will be a need for transition.

We will provide you with a Sunset period to allow all existing integrations to migrate to our new platform, before the older integrations are deprecated and no longer supported. 

Keep your eyes peeled, as we will be providing you with more updates regarding the transition and release date over the next few weeks.