Earlier this year we made the decision to decommission the MessageBus authentication method and associated Gateway endpoint (`GET /api/v1/messagebus/{requestid}`) in order to improve the security of all LEAP partner integrations.

The original dates that were advised are below for your information:

End of support for old endpoint: 30th April 2022
MessageBus end-of-life: 30th June 2022
Old endpoint is decommissioned: 30th September 2022

The replacement service is the LEAP Host SDK. You should have transitioned to the LEAP Host SDK using the documentation outlined here: npm: @leapdev/leap-host.

What do you do if you have not yet moved to the LEAP Host SDK?

If you are yet to complete your transition to the LEAP Host SDK; please contact us immediately at marketplace@leap.build providing full details of your current usage of the MessageBus endpoint and your transition plan.

As advised previously, the MessageBus endpoint will be decommissioned as at 30 September 2022.

We ask that you please contact us via our support address, marketplace@leap.build if you have any questions or require assistance.

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