We are excited to share that we have enhanced the user experience for LEAP customers using the LEAP Marketplace.

The following updates bring the opportunity to better market your application via the LEAP Marketplace. You can review a sample of the changes here. Please note that this is for sample purposes only, LEAP Legal Software is not a Marketplace Application.

Before the updates are released to LEAP customers you will need to review and update your application to meet our new minimum standards.

The Developer Console will be released on Monday 3 October 2022 after which time you can log in and submit your changes.

What do I need to do?

  • Please read through the below summary of the changes and minimum standards
  • Review and update your marketing content
  • Submit this via the Dev Console for all live applications between 3 October 2022 and 7 October 2022
Summary of changes and minimum standards


You can now use formatting such as sizing, bullet points, and more in your product overview. In addition to utilising the new formatting options, we strongly recommend you work with your marketing team to review your current content and ensure that it is clear and concise. An overview should include:

  • A bit about what your company and the application do
  • What the integration does
  • How it is beneficial to the client


There is now a dedicated section to upload screenshots of the integration. We strongly recommend that you utilise this section as it can be a powerful tool in demonstrating the integration. If you are currently using screenshots in the banner images, please consider moving these to the dedicated section and adding new banner images.

Banner Images

Now that we have a dedicated section for screenshots, banner images should summarise your application and its LEAP integration through graphics and images. Consider using a free website such as Figma or Canva to create your banner images. Sample Figma templates can be found here.


To increase the customer experience we have added a new support section. This allows you to link your support websites and documentation.

Privacy Policy

It is now a mandatory field to include the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for your application.


Once your application has been submitted, all marketing updates will undergo a quality review by our team before being approved for release to the LEAP Marketplace.

The Developer Console release date is 3 October 2022 after which time you can log in and submit your changes ready for your customers.

The release of the new LEAP Marketplace User Interface is currently scheduled for Monday, 7 October 2022.

Should you not make updates as outlined above prior to the release of the new LEAP Marketplace, you will be unable to submit any future changes to your application until these standards have been met.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at marketplace@leap.build.

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