In order to improve the security of all LEAP partner integrations, we have made the decision to end support for the Messagebus authentication method and associated Gateway endpoint `GET /api/v1/messagebus/{requestid}`. The key dates are:

  • End of support for old endpoint: 30th April 2022
  • Messagebus end-of-life: 30th June 2022
  • Old endpoint is decommissioned: 30th September 2022

Instead, we are encouraging all LEAP integrators to utilise the LEAP Host SDK. By using the LEAP Host SDK, we are implementing permission limits as specified by you, as well as ensuring that token validity is not more than 24 hours. The LEAP Host SDK is fully operational and ready for you to start using it straight away.

To begin transitioning to the LEAP Host SDK, please refer to the documentation outlined here: npm: @leapdev/leap-host. To summarise, you will be required to install the package via npm. Once included, initialise it and you will be able to retrieve a valid LEAP Authentication Token.

What do I need to do?

Please ensure you have transitioned any integrations that currently use Messagebus over to LEAP Host SDK before the end-of-life date specified above, to avoid any disruption to your API functionality.

  1. Get in touch with LEAP Dev Integrations Team to advise us of your status as a Messagebus user. Note: we attempted to email all integrators flagged as Messagebus users. If you received that email, please respond, otherwise please get in touch with us through the address below.
  2. Determine an ETA for your transition away from Messagebus and communicate it with the LEAP Dev Integrations Team.
  3. Make any required development/deployment changes to support this change in a timely manner.

We understand this is a disruptive change and are here to help. Please reach out to us via our support address,, if you have any questions or require assistance.