The development of the App needs to have consideration given to each form and element in relation to the UI (user interface) and the UX (user experience). Follow these guidelines for your best possible chance to get your app approved.

Think about the flow of your App from an end-user's point of view.  

  • Functionality is simple for the end user
  • Ensure actions are in a logical order
  • Clearly visible for end-users to locate 
  • Reduce the number of clicks

Where applicable, mock UI screens should be created for the relevant areas of the App.

  • Devise screen of each area (form) of the App (wireframe/UI)
  • Show details of branding/colours that will be implemented
  • Provide details about action buttons and what happens when these are triggered
  • Provide details about menu items and what happens when these are triggered
  • Show the flow of the App to give a detail workings for the approval process 
  • Show details of data that will be displayed