Creating Your Marketplace Identity

Your Marketplace listing is your opportunity to promote your LEAP App to users. Optimising every element on your page will give your App the best chance at successfully engaging a prospective user. All information contained on your Marketplace listing is controlled on the Developer Console.

App Icon

Your app icon is at the forefront of marketing and recognition. It is usually the very first element that users will see. Your app icon should be simple, memorable, and capture the purpose of your LEAP app.

Refrain from using text unless it is an essential part of the logo. Your app icon will appear alongside your LEAP app name. Remove any nonessential words as this will clutter your icon and reduce scanability.

If you have more than one app, make sure each app has a unique icon.

For more information about logo requirements, see our Marketplace Technical Specifications.

Marketing Banners

Banner images will be displayed at the top of your product page. Showcase your app’s features to give users an insight as to what it will be like to use your LEAP App. High-quality banner images will help build trust and sell the benefits of your app to users.

Use large, simple captions that can be read at a glance to understand the functionality of each feature.

Ensure you show how your app is accessed from LEAP, and tell a story for your users.

For more information about banner image requirements, see our Marketplace Technical Specifications.

App Overview

Provide a detailed and insightful overview of your app to explain the primary idea of your product. Explain the features and functionalities that your LEAP App can offer. Make this engaging by showing how your LEAP App has the power to help your user. 

Ensure you write your overview to suit legal professionals. Keep it concise, and pay particular attention to the first sentence as this can be the key to a successful engagement, and is also shown on the App Preview.