Building Your App


When you create an app, you will need to specify whether it is a public app or a connector app. A LEAP app is a term used for native-like integrations. The following LEAP integrations are currently supported:

  • Simple button
  • Drop-down button
  • Context menu item (cards and documents)
  • Global menu items

A connector app is an app that requires no user interface. Examples of such apps are scanning or printing solutions that can read and write to LEAP data sources.

To get started, you need to create an "app" in the sandbox environment, which represents your partner integration. You will be issued with a client ID, client secret, and an API Key, which will be used for generating bearer tokens, used for identity and authentication when making service requests.

To create a new app, click the "New App" button located in the top right of the home page.

You will then be required to provide the following information:

  • App details
  • Marketplace information
  • Location details (where you would like the app to appear in LEAP)

    Once you have added the required information, you will be able to download the related config file, for local testing.

LEAP Accounts

In order to test your app, you will need a LEAP Sandbox environment.
To get started, click the "New Credentials" button, located in the top right of the LEAP Accounts page.

When creating new credentials, you will be prompted with the following option;

  • LEAP Sandbox (LEAP live sandbox environment)

The credentials you create here will be used to sign into LEAP Desktop.

From here, you will be able to manipulate the LEAP account details as needed.

Clicking the cog next to your account will display the associated LEAP Firm, User, and Staff IDs.
Clicking the icon with the 4 boxes will allow you to configure how your app/s will appear once you log into LEAP.


In order to access any LEAP API Gateway service, you are required to first generate a new set of LEAP Auth credentials.

To generate these credentials, select your app, click the "Security" menu, and then click "Generate Access Client".

This will also contain the section where you can enter your redirect URIs that can be used for authentication and API access.

Permissions to API services can also be set in this section. Select the service(s) you want access to and then click "Save".

NOTE: This service list is updated on a constant ad-hoc basis.

Once complete, you will receive a unique client ID and client secret with the requested security access.

Developing Your App

Once you have generated all the security requirements for making calls to the LEAP API Gateway service, you are now ready to start developing your App.

Please refer to the LEAP App Store API Reference for more information.
For public Apps, please also refer to the LEAP Host SDK documentation (please ensure you are checking the latest released version).